Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not Revealing, but a Revelation

That quote was the email title from a recent Anthropolgie email I received. That title really resonated with me. When I opened the email they were selling their new cutaway tops and dresses using the tagline "unexpected glimpses". Except for one deep v-neck shirt, all the other shirts I think (don't quote me) could be worn as is - giving subtle glimpses of a shoulder or unique cutouts at the neckline. Modesty was being flaunted!

I was so encouraged and surprised to see this company encouraging women to be flaunt their femininity without selling their wares. What if more companies would do this? Could we possibly reverse the negative stigma put on women and girls to be something we were never intended to be - waifs with no curves, or women with "enhancements" - and instead embrace our femininity no matter what body type we have? I can only hope this concept will not be an isolated selling point but instead become the norm once again.