Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Heartbeats and fear

We heard Baby's heartbeat today!! It was so neat - strong and healthy...Thank you Jesus!!! Andy said it sounded like a pack of dogs, and that may have been slightly true :)

My pregnancy has been pretty easy. I've been tired a whole lot, but that's not anything some naps can't handle. However, irrational fears seem to abound these days thanks to little one. For instance, the other day I was walking with Andy and he had his arm around my shoulder. Well my hair is really long these days and was back in a ponytail. Apparently when he put his arm around me, it swished the ponytail over my shoulder. I looked over and out of the corner of my eye saw a furry thing on my shoulder and freaked just a bit (or maybe a lot). Then it hit me - I had freaked out over my own hair!!! I thought it was some rodent or something and all it was was my ponytail. Ridiculous...