Friday, September 21, 2012

It's the little things

friday favorite things | finding joy

Oh there's so many things I could share on this Friday - so so many, but they'll have to wait. So today, I'm focusing on a few of the little things...

  • Being able to take my son with me to work today - looking over at him cooing and playing with his toes makes my heart sing!
  • Dinner with sweet friends tonight
  • The Mr. Pricklepants on my desk smiling at me :)
 (not sure why he's sideways...)
  • I had enough time to make my bed this morning so it's ready and waiting tonight - oh I love a made bed!
  • The little bibs and socks and such sprinkled throughout my house. Sure, I'd love my house to be pristine, but these items remind me that I'm so incredibly blessed!