Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Journey to Joy

I've been reading blogs lately. That's really nothing new - I read about 10 blogs regularly. But lately, I've been reading "mom" blogs, specifically on the topic of intentional parenting. (I really like this one!)

I want to be intentional. I want to be intentional with my work, with Reed, with my house, with my husband, with my relationship with the Lord (all in no particular order). I want to find joy in all things. In order to be intentional, I created a chore chart for Andy and I - each day has different tasks. It's been going GREAT! I love being able to say "no, I don't need to vacuum today because that's what will be done Thursday". It sounds silly, but as a neat freak, to-do list girl this gives me so much freedom! It enables me to feel freedom to spend time intentionally with Andy and Reed each night! I love it!

I'm working on it. I want to find joy, to roll with the punches, to recognize the most important things despite them not being on the to-do list. For instance, Monday night Andy, Reed, and I packed up blankets and cameras and headed out to the beach. I'd purchased Subway sandwiches, repacked the diaper bag, and was ready when Andy got home. While on our way to the beach, we called Granny to wish her a happy birthday. Andy's parents and brother were going out to dinner and said "it's too bad you're headed to the beach." We got off the phone, looked at each other and said lets meet them for dinner. So we went and surprised Granny. While at dinner, it was decided on a whim to surprise Granny by taking her to a dessert room. It was already 8pm when we left to go there. I was frustrated for a minute I'll admit. I was tired. My plans had been disrupted. It was almost Reed's bedtime. But then  I thought about it...Reed needs to spend time with his great-grandmother. I want him to know her and vice versa. I want Reed to love his family and realize they're more important than other things. I want to be intentional with what we do. Even though he's 3 months old, I believe it matters. And so in that moment, I chose to be happy for the change in plans. I chose to roll with the punches. I chose to be intentional...and I hope I continue to be.


Shannon said...

Wow. Thanks for this. I needed a good reminder to be intentional. Oh, and can you do a post on the chore chart for you and Andy? I beez needing some help! ;) Love ya!

Rebecca Gosnell said...

Love this. I've struggled with balance a lot recently. Apparently getting married and beginning a new job throws off any supposed time management skills that I used to have :)

And ditto requesting the post about your chore chart. I'd appreciate the help!