Friday, February 22, 2013

Putting myself out there doesn't come natural to me. I cover well. I plaster on my smile, say witty comments, tell a joke at the right time. And then I walk away, breathe deep, and dream of not being around anyone for hours just to recover.

But being in a new city means lots of putting myself out there. I refuse to be isolated and friendless and so I'm sucking it up. We go to Kindermusik every Thursday. But they all have several kids and nothing in common with me. I went to a women's Bible study Wednesday and then out to eat with some of the ladies. It was good. Really.

I just wonder when or if I'll truly be comfortable. Will I ever have friends with kids that Reed can play with? I have a plethora of babysitters now, but I'd love to have little baby friends for Reed.

For now, I'll continue to put myself out there. Maybe it'll get easier? Either way, at least I know I'm doing all I can. And one day I will look back and laugh at this stage in life.


Videogal said...

Hey! You blog! Cool! I do some, but not a lot. I enjoyed reading some of your entries. I am so glad you and your family are here! You guys are such a blessing to me. I hope you do feel comfortable here and you seem to fit right in! The middle school ministry is very fortunate to have Andy AND you @ Dallas Bay. :-)