Monday, March 4, 2013

One of those days

Today is one of those days where I wonder if I will make it as a mother. It's one of those days where Reed seems to wonder if he'll survive as well! This little guy is such a precious SOCIAL ball of energy! However, I need to build a bookcase. So, I put Reed in his room, with all his toys. He's clean, fed, and should be fine. I'm no more than 10 feet away with only a baby gate separating us. But you would think by his screaming that he's dying.

I'm not super social. I don't thrive off people. But it appears I'm now out numbered in my own home :)

How in the world do I spend enough time with my social boy to make him happy and still get things done!?!? How do I walk the fine line of ignoring so he learns to play by himself some while still letting him know he's not alone or forgotten?


Ashley said...

Eli has days like that where he won't let me out of his sight then others where he plays for 30 minutes without even wondering where I am. Hang in there - he'll learn to play on his own! Sometimes I start playing with him and when he's good and content with a toy, boom, I disappear to do the dishes. Plus when he's older, you can throw some Cheerios on his high chair and you've got a good 20 minutes :)