Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We survived

We survived Monday. We didn't thrive by any means, but we survived and some days that's the best outcome for the day. But yesterday I woke up with Ecclesiastes 3 pressing on my heart. So I read the chapter I've read many time before. For everything there is a purpose, a reason for everything under the sun. A time.... Fill in the blank - laugh, cry, dance, grieve, kill, heal, etc etc. Then the chapter ends with kind of a downer statement - but one that hit me in the face. I'm paraphrasing but basically "enjoy life now because you won't come back from the dead to enjoy life. "

So I took on yesterday (and aim to take on everyday) with that in mind. There is a time to cuddle and a time when it will end. A time to wipe off snot, drool, etc from every imaginable surface and a time to reminisce on those days. A time to work out and a time to stop and laugh with your son who things jumping jacks are really funny. A time to do push-ups and a time to once again stop and laugh with your son as he snuggles under your arm when you push up and thinks you're hugging him.

I hear it weekly from multiple sources to enjoy this time because it goes fast. I think a lot of those people saying that forgot how exhausting and intense this stage is for us newbies. However, that doesn't negate the truth in that statement. And most days I do ok with this. But ok isn't enough for me or for my precious baby boy. I must keep striving to enjoy every moment in every stage.