Friday, January 24, 2014


Today was a momentous day. Not because of something great, but rather some serious disappointment. The actual situation doesn't matter, but what matters is for the first time I let Reed down. Not myself in my lofty expectations...but I realistically let Reed down.

He won't remember it, and it's not the end of the world. But for me it matters and I remember it. I'm so disappointed that I let him down. But then it hit will happen again.

Not this situation again, but other things. There might be that toy we don't get him that he really really wants but we can't/won't spend the money on it. There might be that first car he wants that he doesn't get. There will be big and small things throughout his life where his mom & dad disappoint - and it has to be ok. 

I am not perfect. I'm not Pinterest perfect...I'll never be super stylish, put effort into my hair, fix the greatest lunchbox lunches, have a spotless house, make the cutest crafts, buy the most healthy groceries, or whatever else we moms are "supposed" to do. I will let Reed down. I will disappoint. Because I'm not God. 

God is the perfect parent - our Abba. He gets it right. He perfectly protects, perfectly loves, perfectly serves, perfectly provides...He's perfectly perfect. He is my example and I strive to be that. But I'm not. 

So what can I do? Sit back and become lackadaisical about parenting? No! I have to pick myself up and handle it. And today that's what I did. I apologized to Reed even though he won't remember it. I explained that I'll let him down even though I don't want to. I reminded him that I'm not perfect but God is...and that He's really the best one to rely on. And I promised that I would keep striving to be my best. 

So disappointment happened today, but it's ok. Tomorrow is another day...for triumphs and disappointments. What matters is how we handle it.


Maria said...

I think it was great to admit a mistake to him and show him we are not perfect, but don't be too hard on yourself. You are looking to the right source. Jesus! Pintrest shmintrist :)